Relocating Bikes through Other Modes of Transport Instead of Trailer Trucks

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Relocating Bikes through Other Modes of Transport Instead of Trailer Trucks

Do you want to relocate your bike to your new heavenly abode? Great! Most of the time, your preferred mode of transportation is trailer trucks or transport trucks.

But what if you are living out of the state and preferring a trailer or transport truck is out of the question because of the rising costs. It makes you think about other options. 

How about going for other modes of transport such as trains?

If your new home is located some thousands of miles away then opting for the train is going to be your best decision. You can take the help of packers and movers in Bhadrak  to make all the necessary arrangements.     

Transporting your bike via train is one of the best ways to consider if you are moving to a new state. It is also cheaper compared to all other options. The charges for transporting your bike or any other type of two-wheeler via Indian railways are lower than cargo ships and trailer trucks.    

Besides just prices, there are many other reasons why packers and movers Bhadrak will choose only Indian Railways for relocating your bike:-

Indian Railways is the largest rail network in the country & the fourth-largest railway network in the world. Besides that, it is one of the biggest modes of transportation for supplying goods and cargo all over the country.    

We are also aware of the fact that there are several queries in your mind. Here are some of the common queries:- 

  • What are the procedures to transport a bike on a train?
  • What are the fixed rates for transporting bikes on trains?
  • How bike parcels on a train can be booked? 
  • What are the additional charges imposed by the Indian railways for transporting your bike?
  • Is it possible to ensure bike parcel in a train as luggage?

Guide for transporting your bike via train

You just have to contact your favorite movers and packers Bhadrak to move your bike. They will do the rest. But, still, there are procedures in place where you have to be involved. Indian railways are offering two forms of transporting goods from one location to another. You are free to transport your goods either as luggage or a parcel.

Remember, both of these transit methods are different. Luggage is your baggage or load that you can carry along while traveling along the same train.  A parcel is termed as the transportation of your belongings. You can transport all your belongings such as bikes or two-wheelers in the luggage compartment of your train.

You might be thinking about the involvement of a complex process, but it is the opposite and quite simple. Now here out what you have to do now. As you can choose only two options, you have to go for the parcel for moving your bike or vehicle. You have to go for the bike parcel service of the railways for relocating your bike.     

Things were different earlier, but now the rules & procedures have changed. Now, it is entirely the decision of rail authorities for providing parcel booking options for transporting bikes on the train.

Additionally, they will also decide the train that will be used for your two-wheeler to travel. Hence, their decision will be based on the slot availability & destination.

What happens, if Transporting your bike as a luggage

Transporting your bike, scooter, or any other type of two-wheeler as luggage will reach your new destination faster. You will receive your bike as soon as the train arrives at the destination. 

Besides that, you will need to travel on the same train for transporting your bike as luggage. This very reason makes the option very costlier. You have to purchase your travel ticket along with the bike transportation charges.  

Transporting your bike as a parcel        

When it comes to choosing the option of the bike as a parcel, you will get it at an affordable price. You have to book for bike parcel service in advance to get the slot. It will take more time than the luggage option. It will take around 5-7 days for your bike to reach the destination of your choice.  

Important documents required for verification for transportation

When you are using the Indian railways for transporting your bike by using either of the two options then you have to keep your legal documents for verification too.  

The legal documents are:-

  • Government-issued ID Proof
  • Registration certificate of the bike. Remember, your RC must have the same name as it is on your ID proof such as your voter ID or Aadhar card.
  • Photocopy of bike insurance paper
  • Reservation ticket.
  • Insurance papers of the bike.
  • Filling up the bike transportation form given by the railway department of your sector.
  • It is mandatory to fill your form with all your necessary details such as name, mobile number, source address as well as the destination address.

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