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Relocation of Heavy Mechine

All types of clients approach us for our services. Our Packing moving company providing heavy machinery moving or relocation for our clients who are coming from steel & heavy industry.
Our company move heavy machinery throughout the state using all our state-of-the-art relocation gear and tools to do the job perfectly. We are also using the best professionals who are perfect for the job.
With the help of our decades of experience, knowledge, and professionalism, we have now excelled in carrying out the consignments of heavy machinery from city to city in Odisha.
Now, we are even capable of transporting numerous parts and pieces of equipment of heavy machinery over long distances and on difficult terrains easily.

With the advancement in our technology, we have also started using GPS-enabled vehicles. It helps us a lot in tracking the vehicle with heavy machinery over long distances.
Furthermore, the GPS trackers in the vehicles also help us in safeguarding the equipment from getting stolen. Besides that, all our drivers are professionals with excellent service records.
Before employing drivers and workers for transporting heavy machinery, we conduct a complete background check. We take all these safeguards to make sure that your consignment of heavy equipment stays safe at all times.

Our capabilities

Now, take stock of our capabilities and strengths that will assure you that your property is safe with us and will be delivered to the designated drop point safely as assigned by you. We have a complete&  adequate infrastructure.

  •       Our company provide a single window service for all types and sizes of heavy equipment.
  • We have a sophisticated and efficient fleet consisting of high-bed trailers, semi-low-bed trailers, and low-bed trailers.
  • Our middle and upper-level management staff work on planning the routes and transfer points to ensure timely delivery of your goods.
  • We provide safe, secure, and damage-free transportation for all our high-end clients.
  • Our company constantly focus on remaining upgraded with all the new and current trends, transportation policies along new technology & equipment.
  • For more information please send us a message or call 735911007

The expertise of our service personnel

Metro Relocation company have a skilled, experienced, and professional team at our disposal that helps us in constantly keeping track of the heavy equipments. We also make sure that there is no delay during the entire procedure.
 Here we are capable of transporting all kinds and sizes of heavy goods around the state at an affordable price. You can contact our office to know about the price quotes.

We have expertise in transporting different types of heavy equipment and machinery such as:-

  • 1

    Transporting heavy cranes.

  • 2

    Shifting telecom equipment and towers.

  • 3

    Relocating heavy machinery for the growth of industrial plants.

  • 4

    We also deliver rail coaches and heavy materials for building infrastructure in the state.

Our Services at Different Locations:

Bhubaneswar                Puri                      Jajpur                              Bhadrak                      Balasore